Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Kingdom Civics - Fellowship of Ailbe
Kingdom Civics
The Spirit of God is the River of revival, renewal, and awakening in the world.
We expect the Kingdom to make progress. But what kind of progress do we seek?
The essence of the Kingdom of God is to increase.
We should expect the Gospel to transform the times in which we live.
The Kingdom of God is joy!
The Kingdom of God is joy!
Forgiveness and eternal life, yes – but, oh, so much more!
The Gospel of the Kingdom is the power of God.
We will not preach the Kingdom as Good News unless we understand it first.
Any other gospel is not the Gospel at all.
Any other gospel is not the Gospel at all.
The followers of Christ must strive to live up to His vision of the Kingdom.
Know the Lord, and bear lasting fruit.
Jesus’ vision of the proximity of the Kingdom was a threefold vision.

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