It’s weird, having all these people with me.
This outing is a grand experiment in observing.
This back bay at low tide seems like an unlikely spot for God’s presence.
How can pastors encourage their artists?


October 11, 2019
On this cool October morning, nature is closing up shop.
It’s hard to make a bridge to strangers.
The waves have become liquid silver.
As I step into the sea breeze, I wonder if this would be God’s chosen smell.
How many years have I celebrated this vista without stopping to capture it?
This image, in all its mundanity, is just what I am looking for.
The cathedral doors are open.
I hear there are odd people who actually like to mow their grass.
There is a telling division in my hero’s inner sanctum.
What’s the deal with the digits?
My job is to raise people’s spirits through writing their words.