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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Soon, they will be the only color.


October 25, 2022
The sheer number of birds above me is staggering.
What if I thought this way each day?


October 11, 2022
It has been a dry year in Texas.
I stand at the door and think.
“Don’t be daunted. Just keep going to the end.”
There’s a profound truth in this new local addition.


September 12, 2022
Am I ready for this again?
I'm learning from the sycamores.
What’s the saddest sound in nature?
Let me muse on this odd phenomenon.
I couldn’t get the whole view until now.
The car is the first to leave.
My comic draws me into deep reflection.
There are two universal tasks in a garden.
I walk the line.

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