8:18 - Fellowship of Ailbe

Baby face

December 5, 2019
What did Simeon see in the infant Jesus?
Despite my dislike of winter, there is something to be said for snow.
This acronym has me rethinking how Jesus approached teaching.
Why am I drawn to these ornate buildings?
Habits can be so limiting.
It’s a cold morning to be lying, face up, on a gravel parking lot.
The firmament overhead is startling. Even if it is just in the ceiling.


November 3, 2019
“It’s important,” Alison says, “to never forget.”
It’s weird, having all these people with me.
This outing is a grand experiment in observing.
This back bay at low tide seems like an unlikely spot for God’s presence.
How can pastors encourage their artists?


October 11, 2019
On this cool October morning, nature is closing up shop.
It’s hard to make a bridge to strangers.
The waves have become liquid silver.