Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Troubles

September 16, 2021
Jesus promised we would have them.

Honor Others

September 14, 2021
We need the Law of God.
If we have faith, everyone will know.

Empowering Faith

September 7, 2021
It comes from taking God at His Word.

Dark Counsel

August 31, 2021
Faith first, then reason.
We need more of this in our prayers.
Even the distasteful ones.
The way is clear. Will we walk it?


August 17, 2021
A lot depends on how you look at life.

The Old Paths

August 12, 2021
These are the reliable and proven paths.
We all have them. How do we deal with them?
It's the way to change things.

Law and Love

August 3, 2021
They go together. Always.
Look around. God is everywhere speaking.

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