What will you knit into your legacy today?

How Much?

December 9, 2016
There's not much cross-bearing to our discipleship.
God is speaking all around us, all the time.
This way to the joy and pleasure of the Lord.

Sound Teaching

December 2, 2016
Hold to the true and lasting teachings of Scripture and the Church.
It's the way of Jesus, you know.

Fear and Love

November 28, 2016
They are complementary affections.
'Tis the season to enrich your prayer life.
Want to know God's will? Here it is.

For He Is Good

November 21, 2016
Exercise your praise and thanks muscle.

Wait on the Lord

November 16, 2016
Who among us likes to wait for anything?

Why Trials?

November 14, 2016
We should not consider our trials as some kind of "strange thing."
Of the many ways of knowing, these are the most important.
Your salvation is not all about you.
We are the people of the truth. Right?

Today's ReVision

Facing-Up to Sin

If we continue to ignore it, it will destroy us.

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