Where should you go in your time of need?

Lasting Fruit

January 8, 2019
Jesus is seeking from you only what He has appointed to you.
Same Columbanus, different king, different outcomes.
Columbanus was faithful, as we also must be.
Afflictions are an essential part of our training.

Truth to Power

December 25, 2018
We must be ready at all times to proclaim God's truth.
Creation can tell us much about God.
It's Jesus. Period.

Strong in Grace

December 13, 2018
It takes grace to make disciples, and we're all called to make disciples.

Streaming In

December 11, 2018
They came in multitudes, looking for something to die for.

From, In, Unto

December 6, 2018
With Columbanus in the school of prayer.

Where to Look

December 4, 2018
Want to live well? Here's where to look.
We can - and should - always keep learning.
It must begin with who we are, not what we know or can do.
The Church in Columbanus' day was a distant mirror of our own time.