Irish peregrini understood the importance of discipline.
Irish missionary/monks hungered for the Word of God. So should we.
Colum Cille was the whole package.
From the monasteries of ancient Ireland, missionaries took the Gospel to the world.
Some disciplines you only need occasionally. But they must be ready.
Celtic Christians knew that true community doesn't just happen.
It takes all kinds of work to advance the Kingdom of Christ.
We need to be frequently reminded of this.
Holiness must be our goal.
Learning to love requires discipline, like it or not.
How aware are you of the disciplines that organize your life?
Coemgen illustrates the importance of spiritual disciplines.
Learn, teach, leave a legacy. Got it?
The early monasteries set the pace for the later ones.


March 13, 2018
Celtic Christians remade their society and their culture. We can, too.

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