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Men at Prayer

Doorways to Prayer: God's Love Through Us

  • Ralph Lehman
  • May 16, 2023

Love suffers long, and is kind. I Corinthians 13:4

The immeasurable love that God bestows upon us as sinners can empower people to do amazing things. Perhaps this is nowhere more evident than in the case of loving our enemies when God is intent on converting sinners. China has had countless stories of Christians exhibiting such love and forgiveness.

Sister Wong of China is someone imprisoned for her faith of whom we have little information. (Perhaps this has been to protect her identity). When a Public Security Officer entered her cell, Sister Wong instinctively moved away. He was noted for beating prisoners and had beater her only several days before.

This same officer had confiscated hundreds of Bibles and Christian books from her. But this time was different. He was asking Sister Wong to pray for his sister who had lost all feeling in her legs. Several days earlier, as the officer had interrogated Sister Wong, he received a call telling him his mother had been hit by a car. The following day, as he continued questioning Sister Wong, his brother was injured in an accident.

Both times his family members had attributed their sufferings to the officer’s mistreatment of Christians, and both times he dismissed this as childish superstition. But when his sister also became ill, he was willing to ask Sister Wong for prayer.

Sister Wong had been praying for an opportunity to witness to her persecutors and God answered her prayer. She gladly prayed for the officer’s sister. God healed the sister and healed the officer’s heart stony heart. The officer returned the confiscated Bibles and now supports the Church.

How will prayer open the door for God's love to flow through you today?

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