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I will love You, O LORD, my strength.
The L
ORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
I will call upon the L
ORD, who is worthy to be praised;
So shall I be saved from my enemies.
Psalm 18.1-3

Resources for Shepherds
Esau McCaulley’s book, Reading While Black, can help us sort through issues of race in a Biblical manner. Check out Ailbe Brother David Sincerbox’s review here

Still trying to enhance and expand your ministry during this time of pandemic? In case you missed it, Ailbe Brother Rusty Rabon offers a checklist for how his small church has enlarged its ministry in creative ways (click here).

Jesus was a great disruptor. So was Marx. So is the tech culture and industry. Is that a good thing? Adrian Daub offers some thoughts and caveats. Read a review and find a link to his article here.

Did you know that most of the archive of journals from The Evangelical Theological Society is available free to peruse and download? Enter your topic in the search box, and discover a rich trove of theological insight and thought. You’ll find a link to JETS here, on our Resources for Shepherds page.

While you’re there, don’t forget to download the free audio book, If Men Will Pray. Share it with your men and challenge them to work together to improve their prayer lives. You can also order the book in pocket format by clicking here.

Add your insights, reviews, and recommended reading to our Resources for Shepherds page. Just follow the examples you see there, and send your contributions to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I’ll get them ready and post them, so that you can encourage your fellow shepherds.

The Ailbe Seminary
Men, have you considered how God might deepen and extend your ministry through writing? Always wanted to do some writing, but don’t know where to begin? Our course, The Writing Pastor, can give you the vision, equipment, and jumpstart to get your writing off the ground. Watch this brief video, then enroll in this free course at The Ailbe Seminary.

Ailbe Resources and Opportunities
The Ailbe Bookstore
What’s at stake in the coming national elections? What is the Christian’s role in government? Does God have a plan for civil government? And what might our place be in that plan? These and more questions are addressed in our book, The King’s Heart. Read a summary and order your copy by clicking here.

Another book that can guide church leaders in knowing how to guide their churches is Understanding the Times. Like the sons of Issachar (1 Chron. 12.32), church leaders need to see the whole horizon of issues clearly, so that they can equip the saints for effective Kingdom living in these difficult and uncertain times. What is secularism? How is it like religion? What is God doing in the world? What’s the nature of His economy? What should we be doing in our times? These are just a few of the questions addressed in Understanding the Times. Order your copy by clicking here.

Come pray with us!
Why do we pray for revival? How can we do so? What should we expect as we do? Our book, Restore Us!, can show you why and how to begin leading your church in praying for revival. You can order a copy by clicking here. If you can’t afford a copy, but want to read it anyway, write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I’ll send you a copy in PDF.

And men, don’t forget to join us each week to pray for revival. Each Tuesday morning at 10 Eastern we gather from coast to coast and other countries to seek the Lord for revival. To join us, write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I’ll make sure you get the link to our prayer room and the prayer guide for the week.

At The Fellowship of Ailbe website
The second issue of The Ailbe Podcast is now available. In it, Ailbe Brother Dean Stinchfield tells us how God has been working to disciple young men through the Men of the Kingdom ministry. Click here to listen in.

The Personal Mission Field Workshop is a weekly offering designed to help us fulfill our calling to the Kingdom and glory of God in all the daily activities of our lives.

The first issue of The InVerse Theology Project is now available at the Ailbe website. Listen in as Solomon tells his story in a classic rhyme form, from Ecclesiastes 1, entitled “Wind and Vanity.”

Check out the various columns of our regular writers, John Nunnikhoven, Mike Slay, Stan Gale, Bruce Van Petter, and Dale Tedder. There’s plenty here to enlarge your vision and help shape your walk with and work for the Lord.

Psalm of the Week
We are happy for you to use our weekly psalm for personal or corporate worship. All psalms for singing are from The Ailbe Psalter. Psalm 18.1-3 provides an easily-memorized, mini-retreat for renewing your love for the Lord:

Psalm 18.1-3 (St. Columba: How Sweet and Awesome)
I love You, Lord, my Strength, my Rock,
my Savior and my Fort;
my God, my ever-shelt’ring Rock,
You shield my trembling heart.

My Stronghold, Lord, my Saving Horn,
I call to You with praise!
From those who Your salvation scorn
You save us all our days!

From the Celtic Revival
My name is Patrick, and for sixty years
I have, with many labors, joys, and tears,
proclaimed the Name of Jesus in these parts –
although I know within my heart of hearts
I am a most uncultivated man,
the least of all the faithful in this land…

  - Patrick, Confession (5th century)

So begins Patrick’s own account of his extraordinary ministry. Patrick’s Confession will be the subject of our Historical Theology installments in The InVerse Theology Project, beginning October 12. Listen in as he tells his story, and let this great leader of the Celtic Revival inspire and challenge you.

Read more excerpts and commentary on resources from the Celtic Revival (430-800) by subscribing to our twice-weekly teaching letter, Crosfigell.

T. M. Moore

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Except as indicated, Scripture taken from the New King James Version. © Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. All Psalms for singing are from
The Ailbe Psalter.

T.M. Moore

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