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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor to Pastor

Reside in Truth

February 18, 2017
Truth is our shelter.
Are we undermining truth in our worship?
The Christian mind and secular mind differ on truth.
The Christian mind understands truth as given.

Guilty Together

February 14, 2017
The Christian accepts his part in the misery of the world.
We expect conflict with the unbelieving world.
We must be honest about our sins.

First and Last

February 11, 2017
True greatness lies along this path.

Which Center?

February 10, 2017
Around which center does your life revovle?
The Christian mind is not naive concerning evil.

Looking Beyond

February 8, 2017
The Christian mind lives for then and there, here and now.
It's a matter of clarity and integrity.
This is why the Christian mind collides with secular thinking.
Are we leaving our Christian mind at church?
We should not avoid conflict with the unbelieving world.

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