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Reid My Lips

  • November 29, -0001
The Lord Jesus reminds us that "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" (Matt. 12.34). So what's Harry Reid's heart full of, now that we know what he privately said about President Obama back in 2008?

I doubt that Harry Reid is a racist. Senator Reid is a politician, and he has a sense of what will and will not work in American politics. Evidently, the Senator believes a "Negro dialect" doesn't work but a "light-skinned African-American" might. Is that a racist statement? You decide. For me it's more a statement of Senator Reid's low regard for the American electorate. Americans, according to Senator Reid, are, in general, still too racist to vote for a dark-skinned African-American or one whose dialect tends to reflect the environment of his upbringing. I'm a little peeved with Senator Reid, but not because I think he's a racist; I think he's an elitist, because he thinks I'm a buffoon.

Even more, I wonder: had Senator Reid forgotten that those were his sentiments and that he had made those remarks back then? That's not likely. Rather, in his heart he seems to have been saying, "As long as it doesn't come out, I can get away with it." This attitude is far more troubling to me than the Senator's attitude toward me and the rest of the electorate. It makes me wonder what else the Senator is saying or doing, under the radar of legalese and behind closed Washington doors, that he thinks he can get away with as long as it doesn't come out.

These are questions of integrity. I don't know Harry Reid, and, happily for him, I don't have the opportunity to declare my view of him in a general election. But integrity matters, in politics and in life. In particular, Americans need to know that our leaders are men of their word, with hearts of integrity, honesty, and a genuine concern for the common weal. Senator Reid was elected by his colleagues to lead them in pursuing the President's agenda in the Senate. We now know that he is a man of suspect integrity. Will that bother the Democrats in the Senate?

Well, we'll see.

T. M. Moore

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