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Let the Sun Shine

  • November 29, -0001
The Obama Administration has rejected a call from C-Span to follow through with an oft-repeated campaign promise, namely, to allow C-Span to televise hearings and deliberations relative to health care reform legislation.

Mr. Obama didn't just make this promise once. Insisting that his would be the most transparent administration in American history, the President repeatedly declared that he would grant C-Span full and free access to all hearings, deliberations, committee meetings, and Congressional debates. All those promises are now, however, revoked.

Well, that's certainly troubling. What is the White House afraid the American public will see and hear? Deals and bribes? For sure. Congressman padding and protecting their power? Count on it. Americans being talked about as duped, uninformed, misinformed, naive, and ignorant? Probably some of that, too.

But, hey, Mr. President! We're all grownups out here. We can take it; we just want to observe it for ourselves. Because, frankly, we're rather fed up with all the ear marks, sweetheart deals, duplicitous and misleading language, and other widely-reported elements of the biggest federal power-grab in the nation's history.

Just as troubling is that Mr. Obama again misses an opportunity to put some flesh on his claims - not heard much recently, however -- to be a Christian. Because if he really is a Christian, he must know that the Scriptures of his faith insist that governments must work for good according to the criteria of divine revelation, and they must do so "in the gates" - out in public, where everyone can watch and judge for themselves the fairness of the deliberations.

See, that's the problem when government becomes a law unto itself - rex lex, as it were. Congress and the President are in the business of making the Constitution serve their purposes in reams of legalese designed to frustrate humble folk such as you and I. Timothy Geithner gave notice early on that this would happen, when he told a Congressional panel that the Constitution empowered Congress to make any laws it wanted to. Absurd.

But the Scriptures insist that the king is not the law; rather, lex rex is the proper formula. Congress and the President, however, being unwilling to be held to such a standard, will do their corrupt business behind closed doors.

Unless you and I kick those doors open at the earliest possible opportunity.

T. M. Moore

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