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Only Numbers

  • November 29, -0001
The reports are beginning to come in on the impact of the federal stimulus package of last spring. From all over the country we are hearing of jobs being created and saved by the scores of thousands. There's only one problem: much of it is apparently untrue.

The latest official report on the success of the simulus has jobs being created in non-existent Congressional districts. It reports more than 400 jobs created in a Chicage school district that only has less than 300 jobs total. Many of the "jobs" are really just raises; somewhere around half the jobs are government jobs in one state or district or another, which means that the billions Americans have been made to pony up over the next generation are being used to create more government, which probably will mean more of the same in the days ahead.

The Obama Administration is incompetent. Either they don't know how to create jobs (no government does, except in its own halls), they don't now how to count jobs, or they simply don't know how to report jobs. Whichever it is, this Administration which wants to take over one-sixth of the economy cannot tell the truth to its people about its biggest undertaking to date. That is incompetence, and may be even worse than that.

Some may shrug and say, "Oh, well, c'mon - they're just numbers." No they aren't. The bogus numbers Americans are being given to justify and celebrate the stimulus - and to grease the skids for future spending and government intervention - reveal an unreliable, disingenuous, deceitful strain to the present Administration. No government can simply float such blatantly false reports before the public and not have anything but scorn for the masses of the people: "What the hell; just tell them anything."

That's the way I feel, and if it's not the way you feel, well, maybe you just haven't been lied to enough in your lifetime.

T. M. Moore

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