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No Faith?

  • November 29, -0001
In his remarks yesterday during the memorial service at Ft. Hood, President Obama declared that "no faith" would justify such horrible acts of violence against innocent people. While I appreciate the President's being present to express the nation's sorrow and outrage, I can't help but wonder what in the world he meant by that.

Because it's obvious that at least one religious faith, militant Islam, does in fact prescribe, indeed, command that its adherents carry out acts of violence against "infidels." In fact, Major Hasan, the President must know, had been in contact with one imam who espoused this very thing. It is the highest honor a jihadist can achieve to die in the fight against all who do not adhere to the Islamic faith. So just what did the President mean?

He can't have mean that he didn't know of any such religions. I know he's not uninformed of the religion of militant Islam and its jihadist wing.

Perhaps he meant no valid or legitimate religion would condone such acts. If so, why didn't he say so? And then why didn't he go on officially to denounce and condemn militant Islam and any other such religions of which he might be aware? And if this is what he believes, then will he begin to address his personal rhetoric more specifically to the issue?

Perhaps he intended to put all religions on notice? That henceforth, this Administration, which apparently intends to control as much of American life as possible, will not look kindly on religions that teach wanton violence?

I really don't know what he meant, but whatever it was he meant, it doesn't make any sense. Mr. Obama's remarks strike me as having been rhetorical flourish and nothing more. Impressive, but meaningless. Like so much else in this Administration to date.

The Apostle Paul warned in Titus 1 about those who play games with language in order to make themselves look good. Mr. Obama, who claims to be a Christian, should be instructed by the Apostle, and by the Savior, Who also commanded us to let our speech be plain and true.

T. M. Moore

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