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Right Turn?

  • November 29, -0001
Last night on the Fox News Network Bill O'Reilly reported that a recent poll indicates the country is turning right, that conservative political philosophy appears to be once again on the ascendancy. As many as 40% of all Americans identify themselves as conservatives while only 26% say they're liberal in their views.

Which leads me simply to shrug. So what? I'm sure there are important political and economic implications bound up in the idea that conservatives might once again control the national government. But, frankly, I don't find that very encouraging. Because the really big issues of life are neither political nor economic. They're spiritual and moral, and anyone who is prone to believe that having Republicans back in the saddle and steering the vessel of State means we're going to see a renaissance of "traditional values" is simply deceived.

The country has become so marinated in relativist philosophy that the terms "liberal" and "conservative" only mean something in relationship to one another, but not in relationship to any absolute moorings. If American Christians think that conservative politicians are going to return the country to its pre-1960s moral base, they either don't understand politics or can't see how far contemporary conservatism has departed from its historic roots.

All of which is just to say to Christians, let's not get blind-sided yet one more time by thinking that Republicans hold the keys to the Kingdom. They don't. They may win the keys to Washington, but, once inside, it'll be same song, next verse, and we'll still be whining and complaining about the loss of "traditional values" and why doesn't somebody do something? The way forward toward a greater presence of the righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit which characterize the Kingdom of God is through prayer, holiness, loving service to our neighbors, sacrificial giving to the needy, and bold witness in the Name of Christ.

And you won't find any of that in the Republican platform.

T. M. Moore

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