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No Losers

  • November 29, -0001
Yesterday, after having rallied Democratic Party big-wigs to stump for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds - including the President himself - the Obama Administration tossed the likely loser under the bus.

It must have become really clear to the President that Senator Deeds couldn't win. Bob McDonnell's lead is just too big to overcome, and besides, Mr. Deeds is not nearly as photogenic as his Republican rival. Or whatever.

At any rate, Administration spokespersons began distancing the White House from Creigh Deeds yesterday, saying that, Oh well, they tried to help, they recommended an approach that they were just absolutely certain would secure the victory, but Deeds decided to go a different way, and, well, what can you do? If he won't let us help him, then he'll just have to lose on his own. It sure as heck isn't our fault.

Because there are no losers in the Obama Administration. Nor are there any lost causes. If it looks like you're going to be a liability to this White House, you're gone. If your policy seems a little shaky, look for someone else to own it and take the blame (Max Baucus, call your office). You're under the bus. If you don't have that winning way, that charismatic style, that Obama touch, then you don't belong.

So the President shoots his wounded. Susie suggested to me, on a positive note, that perhaps this is the proof I've been looking for that Mr. Obama actually is a Christian?

T. M. Moore

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