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Warning to Business

  • November 29, -0001
President Obama gave Wall Stree a little what-for yesterday, warning business leaders that he's not going to put up with any of their shennanigans if they test him on questionable business practices. Mr. Obama considers himself the Ethicist-in-Chief of American business, and I suppose he just wanted everyone to remember that he's watching them.

I wonder why the President hasn't taken ACORN to the woodshed yet? Actually, I don't wonder at all. Mr. Obama knows where his bread is buttered, and he's not about to antagonize the "grass roots" people and organizations he counts on for political power. But business is an easy target, and, with a few exceptions, the President probably figures these guys are no friends of his anyway. So he pounds away at business leaders, hammers insurance companies, slurs physicians, and ignores hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk gathered in the nation's capital and elsewhere over the weekend.

The President's lust for attention and power would be embarrassing if it weren't scary. He acts as if he were President of the Democratic Party and Democrats in general; he has no time for Republicans, conservative news commentators, or people across the country who are concerned about the nation's drift toward socialism. But we have a resilient system, a gift of the Founders, who understood the dangers of sin and lust for power. I feel pretty sure the nation will weather this storm, but I wonder if we'll learn anything from it. We all have these same propensities; the same desire for autonomy and recognition infects us all. Some are better than others at keeping this tendency in check. But absent the power of God and a clear map for righteous living - such as the Law of God - once this President has had his day, will we just - as is too often the case - be treated to more of the same from the other side of the aisle?

T. M. Moore

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