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Keeping up with the Joneses

  • November 29, -0001
The case of Mr. Van Jones, President Obama's Green Czar, is troubling. Mr. Jones is not a gentleman. He may be well versed in green technologies and whatnot, but he is an ideologue first and foremost whose comments regarding the Republicans in Congress, President Bush, and who knows how many other things are an embarrassment to the nation. That such a man should be appointed to a leadership role in the President's administration is inexcusable.

Either the vetting process for such posts is a sham, or there isn't one, and the President simply appoints whomever he will, hoping their more despicable sides won't become public knowledge. Or, even if they do, that it won't matter, or will blow over quickly, because they're Mr. Obama's people.

Perhaps Mr. Jones will be invited to speak to all the school children of the land. If so, or even - what's more likely - if not, let's pray our children feel no inclination to keep up with this Jones, or with any of the other shady and ungentlemanly people who surround the President and advise him on matters of national policy.

I keep trying to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt, but he keeps removing all doubt. He is a campaigner, a community organizer, and a cult figure. But so far he has yet to demonstrate that he is the President of the greatest nation on earth. And I keep hoping he will put some legs on his oft-repeated claim to be a Christian. That hope, however, fades daily.

T. M. Moore

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