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Above All

  • November 29, -0001
Of all the commandments, statutes, precepts, and rules which the Lord has given to enable His people to live free from sin and growing in full and and abundant life, only one is prefaced by the words, "above all." Which is it? Surely the first; I mean, what could be more important than having the Lord as our only God? Perhaps it is the commandment not to murder. That would make sense, since we need to respect others' lives and work for the wellbeing of our whole community. Maybe not lying? After all, if we can't get at truth, how can we ever communicate? Well, as you probably guessed, it's none of these. Of which commandment does the Lord say, "Above all you shall..."? Get ready. The fourth. Yeah, keeping the Sabbath, or, in the New Testament era, the Lord's Day (Ex. 31.13). Above all we are commanded to keep the Lord's Day. On the Lord's Day we renew our focus on God as Creator, Redeemer, and Lord; and we prepare for the week ahead by renewing our strength of soul and body to love others. On the Lord's Day we gather to worship and to hear the Word of God. On the Lord's Day we cease from our own activities and devote ourselves entirely to focusing on the Lord, resting in Him, and being renewed in His grace. God considers resting on His Day rather important - above all the other commandments of the Lord. Do we?

T. M. Moore

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