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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

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One more way to break the spiral of silence.

Declare and Defend (6)

Then Moses said to the LORD, “O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I amslow of speech and slow of tongue.” Exodus 4.10

Three means
Worldviews are shaped and advanced in everyday conversations and through the views and opinions published in the various media of the day, especially the Internet. Our Christian worldview is grounded in the truth that is in Jesus. Thus, whatever we do, in all our relationships, roles, and responsibilities, we should expect something like or about or pointing to Jesus to be present. The more involved we are with the people in our Personal Mission Field, the more they should be aware of our hope in Jesus. And the more opportunities we’ll have to talk about Him.

Believers know how to talk, and practically every one of us is involved with the Internet in some ways. We should be making the most of these opportunities, as the Lord leads, to make our case for the reality of the Kingdom of God and to argue the merits of its blessings as a worldview to be preferred over the failed secularism of our day. We should be insisting, winsomely and patiently, that God alone is true and anything that stands opposed to Him is a lie.

If we can talk and write, we can declare our faith and take steps to defend it against fools, detractors, and naysayers. And if we don’t, who will?

A third opportunity for shaping the worldviews of others can be seized by participating in those arenas where people’s views are being shaped. We may feel reluctant, like Moses, to take up a work of teaching, to start a reading group, or to become involved in a class at a university. But as Moses was made to understand that God’s will for His people could not be realized without his involvement in the public policy arena, so we must come to see that God is calling us to participate where we can in those settings where worldviews are debated and people are considering how they ought to live.

Yes, you!
Opportunities exist throughout your community to participate in reading or discussion groups. Check your local library or bookstore. Ask around at church. If Christians could become more active and outspoken—with gentleness and respect, of course—in every such setting, how many minds might be opened for the Kingdom of God?

Ask your pastor or a church leader about ways you can become involved as a teacher or discussion leader at church. So much of what passes for Christian education today is focused too narrowly, with too small a vision of the great salvation we have in the Lord. The Church needs leaders and teachers who understand the Kingdom of God and are living the Christian worldview as fully as possible. If you need training, ask for it. Few pastors will turn away those who are eager to serve.

It’s not too much to expect that some of us, at least, might participate more actively in the work of politics and government. Whole ministries exist to help Christians be responsible in everything from knowing how to analyze issues, making good voting decisions, praying for and staying in touch with government officials, and sharing sound Biblical political views with others. That governments frequently stray from the framework of goodness God intends will surprise no one. It certainly did not surprise Moses. As citizens, we are already involved in political activity. As Christians, we must be prepared to enter this arena, as the Lord leads and calls, and to work for policies consistent with the Kingdom interests of the Lord. Moses did not feel qualified for such work; yet God provides the qualifications His people need when He calls them to any task.

Begin and continue in prayer
Involvement in the political arena, as in all these arenas of participation, begins with prayer and is sustained by prayer, for all participants in the process.

Prayer must be the basis for all our efforts to make our case for Christ and His Kingdom. Believers must pray daily for the coming of the Kingdom (Matt. 6.10). We should seek the righteousness, peace, and joy of the Kingdom in all we do all the time. We should also join together, uniting our voices in prayer and crying out to God for revival, renewal, and awakening in the world. Abraham Kuyper wrote concerning prayer, “Movements in history...which do not spring from this deepest source are always partial and transient, and only those historical acts which arose from the lowest depths of man’s personal existence embrace the whole of life and possess the required permanence.”

Every day, let us take up the work of conversation, publication, and participation in ways appropriate to our callings, so that we declare and defend the Gospel, set forth the reality of the Kingdom, and demonstrate the desirability of the Christian worldview. Commit your work to prayer and stay at it every day, making the most of every opportunity to make your case for the Kingdom!

For reflection
1. What opportunities are available to you for participation in declaring and defending the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom?

2. Can you see some way today that you can use all three of these powerful tools—conversation, publication, and participation—to bring the grace of God to others?

3. How can you encourage other believers to take up the work of declaring and defending the truth of God?

Next steps – Demonstration: Where will you go today? How can you bring the Kingdom more fully and visibly into each place you go? How can you prepare the way for declaring and defending the Gospel in those places?

T. M. Moore

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T.M. Moore

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