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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The facts of the past do, indeed, affect the future of humankind.
Are we losing our vision of the unseen realm or just trading it in?
The secular world may be more ready for God's Law than we think.
Brendan O'Neill is not happy with his fellow atheists.
The only way to break through people's settled beliefs is to expose them to the Gospel.
Capitalism both reflects and defies Biblical teaching on economics.
Only one Truth can make us free.
Relativism by any other name is still relativism.
Can Christians learn anything from non-Christians?
Kids are being encouraged to grow up too soon.
Just who does President Obama think he is, anyway?
Of course the budget process is captive to ideology.
I hate to sound so cynical.
The British Royal Society is greatly concerned about climate change.
The situation in Libya is a perfect illustration of the futility of a foreign policy based on money and power.

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