To Those Who Wait

September 21, 2018
Here is the way to revival, renewal, and awakening.
A fruitful field comes from beginning each day in God's Word.

A Beautiful Thing

September 17, 2018
We are called to be a fragrant of the knowledge of Christ.

Faith to Amaze

September 14, 2018
Small beginnings can lead to big results.

Loaves and Fishes

September 12, 2018
It's all loaves and fishes, all day long.
Your at-bat is coming. Are you ready?

Manger Muscle

September 7, 2018
Small beginnings, big results.
Just a little testimony, but Jesus made much of it.
The Lord's fields are white for the harvest all around you every day.

Next Steps

August 31, 2018
It's mustard seeds, all the way.

More Glorious

August 29, 2018
We are called to be docents of God's glory.

Every Moment

August 27, 2018
They are small, many, and fraught with potential.
Your smallness is a really big deal.
Don't miss the prize by prizing the wrong thing.
Getting saved is just the beginning.

Today's ReVision

Religious - Like All Worldviews

All worldviews are religious. The Christian worldview is religious and spiritual.

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