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Portent of Redemption

Jehoiachin's release would have been a sign of hope. Jeremiah 52.31-34

Jeremiah Envoi: Jeremiah 52 (6)

Pray Psalm 126.1, 2.
When the LORD brought back the captivity of Zion,
We were like those who dream.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter,
And our tongue with singing.
Then they said among the nations,
“The LORD has done great things for them.”

Sing Psalm 126.1, 2.
(Truro: Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns)
When God restored our fortunes all, we were like those who sweetly dream.
Our mouths with joy and laughter filled, made Him our constant song and theme.

Read and meditate on Jeremiah

1. How long was Jehoiachin imprisoned?

2. How was he treated after his release?

Jehoiachin was in prison for eleven years when Jerusalem finally fell to Nebuchadnezzar. He remained there for another twenty-six years, until Nebuchadnezzar was dead and Evil-Merodach became king. In the first year of his reign, the new king of Babylon released Jehoiachin, and gave him a seat of respect in his own court.

We’re not told why Evil-Merodach did this. Perhaps it was to quell Jewish unrest within the empire. Or, because he “spoke kindly” to Jehoiachin (v. 32), it may have been sympathy for their plight, and a desire to show some good will toward the Jews.

Whatever the king’s motives were, God surely used this to remind His people, half-way into their seventy-year captivity, that a day of restoration was coming, a day of redemption and deliverance, in which they would be returned to the land to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the temple.

Was Jeremiah there to record this event? We don’t know. It’s not clear who wrote Jeremiah 52, especially in view of Jeremiah 51.64, and since much of chapter 52 is repeated in 2 Kings 25. But the book of Jeremiah ends on this note of hope: A day of redemption and restoration is coming, and the people who were still in captivity should take hope, persevere in their calling, and prepare themselves and their children for their coming restoration.

Our King is on His throne, and He is coming again to redeem and restore us to Himself. His ascension and enthronement have been reported to us in the Word of God. Our duty is to look eagerly toward the day of His coming and, in the meanwhile, live as His disciples and witnesses. The kings and people of this world may or may not treat us kindly, but our mandate and mission remain. We must occupy as the sons and daughters of our heavenly Father, seeking His Kingdom and glory in all we do, until He comes to take us to Himself forever.

1. What does it mean for us to occupy until Christ returns?

2. How would the release of Jehoiachin have encouraged the Jews in Babylon? What has Jesus sent to encourage us in our day?

3. How does it help us in our calling to God’s Kingdom and glory to be ever mindful of the fact that Jesus is returning soon?

Jehoiachin was pardoned by the king of Babylon. Jehoiachin was provided food and given a seat of honor in Babylon. This restoration was symbolic of the future restoration of Israel and Judah to their homeland. Earl Radmacher (1931-2014), Commentary on Jeremiah 52.31-34, NKJV Study Bible Notes

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the promise that You are returning to take us to Yourself! Today, help me to occupy until You return as I…

Pray Psalm 126.3-6.

Pray for opportunities to sow the good seed of the Kingdom today. Plead with God for revival, renewal, and awakening.

Sing Psalm 126.3-6.
Psalm 126.3-6 (Truro: Shout, for the Blessed Jesus Reigns!)
Then the astonished nations said, “The Lord has done great things for them!”
Indeed, great things our God has done, Whose Name we praise, Amen, Amen!

Restore our fortunes, Lord our King! Let grace like flowing streams prevail.
All they with tears of joy shall sing who sow while yet they weep and wail.

They who in tears of sorrow sow and cast their seed on every hand,
with joy shall reach their heav’nly home, and bring the harvest of their land.

T. M. Moore

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