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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium

Our God Provides

God provided for Patrick's every need.

The writings of Patrick (6)

                              And so it happened, when
we had for many days been walking through
a wilderness, the men ran out of food,
and they grew weak from hunger. Then to me
the captain spoke, “You claim your God to be
all powerful and great. Why can’t you pray
to Him for us? For as it is, today
we shall from hunger perish, and we do
not hope to see another human who
can meet our need.” With confidence I said
to him, “Believe in God! He’ll give you bread
to fill your stomachs. Turn to him with all
your hearts, since nothing is too great or small
for Him. Believe that He can meet your need
today, for He has plenteous gifts to feed
and care for you.” Then, with God’s help, it came
about, and to the glory of His Name,
a herd of pigs appeared before our eyes.
They killed and ate their fill, and on that wise
continued for two nights, until their strength
was once again renewed, and they at length
were able to continue. For along
the way some had dropped out; they were not strong
enough to carry on, and were half-dead,
but were recovered. So to God our Head
and our Provider I gave thanks and praise,
Who cared for us throughout the many days
we wandered in that land. And from that day
I gained prestige among the men. When they
some honey found, they offered some to me
and said, “This is a sacrifice that we
have offered to our gods.” I tasted none
of it, thank God.

                             That very night, the one
in which their honey I refused, there came
to me while I was sleeping, him whose shame
is everlasting. Satan tested me
severely, and the memory will be
with me so long as in this body I
remain. As if a boulder from the sky
had fallen on me, all my limbs went numb.
But in my ignorance, I wonder from
what quarter came the inspiration to
cry out Helias’ name? I wish I knew.
But in the midst of this I saw the sun
begin to rise in heaven. When I’d begun
again to shout, “Helias!” with all my might,
the sun descended in its brilliant light
and took away the weight from me. Then I
believed that is was Jesus Christ Who my
deliverance had achieved, and that it was
the Spirit of the living God Who caused
me thus to cry, and cried in me. I pray
that it will also be so on the day
of trouble, as the gospel says: “That day,”
declares the Lord, “the words you need to say
will not arise from you; the Spirit of
the Father, Who provides for you in love,
will speak within you.”

                                      So, as I have said
above, we journeyed many days. Instead
of suffering daily deprivation, through
them all the Lord provided us with food
and fire and dry conditions. Once, when we
had run out of provisions, mercifully
He brought us to some other people who
supplied our need. And He was gracious to
me all throughout those years before I came
unto my home again. When, on that same
extended journey, I was once again
enslaved and made the prisoner of men,
I spent the first night with my captors. And
I heard a voice that told me, “In the hand
of these your captors you will two months be.”
I know it was a word from God to me,
for so it came to pass. The sixteenth night
I was with them, He helped me take to flight
and gain my freedom.

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T.M. Moore

T. M. Moore is principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition. He and his wife, Susie, make their home in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.
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