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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Seeking the Kingdom of God is our first, continuous, and highest duty and calling.

Redeeming Culture

November 20, 2011

What will you begin to do this week in order to redeem the culture entrusted to you by the Lord?

Guided by a Clear Focus

November 03, 2011

When we approach one of life’s cross-roads--be it accepting a call to a church, pursuing additional education or partnering in a ministry endeavor—pastors already understand that both faith and discernment are needed. However, rather than acquiesce to what seemingly is the providence of God, the Lord’s Spirit is coaching us to doggedly pursue a mission statement’s trajectory (Hebrews 11:8).

The thing about committing yourself to a plan is that a mission statement means nothing until it becomes a major part of your daily devotional life.  The Lord asks us to pray for His kingdom to come, that every sphere of life be increasingly under His rule. But, the questions of “in what way, with whom and where?” will arise. These questions naturally follow, as one’s mission statement becomes a decision-making tool.  Its clear focus provides direction in turning in one direction and avoiding another.

As you begin to affirm that your mission statement is a decision-making tool, you must concurrently request of the Lord for Him to set before you Kingdom building opportunities within your statement’s parameters. This sound basic to most everyone, however, until you go through the actual process that completely redirects you (and your wife and kids) lives, you may face the reality that a mission statement often isn’t asking for minor tweaks to your day-planner. Rather, it often calls for taking personal risk.

In 1999, I finished a year-long series of one day a month meetings with a dozen Puget Sound, Evangelical Free, pastors with a commitment to make a bold move toward concrete actions in alignment with my mission statement. Quickly, I recognized the requirement for exercising courage to overcome a rising fear of being unsure of what I was doing. For those of us who are reluctant to take a major risk, I will share in my next post how the Lord will even force you to make courageous decisions.

Pastor of the Lovell Community Chapel located in northern Michigan

Pop Culture

November 01, 2011

Pop culture must be “redeemed” if it is to be useful in seeking the Kingdom.

The Joy of the Gospel

October 31, 2011

The Kingdom of God is joy!

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