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T.M. Moore

T. M. Moore is principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, a spiritual fellowship in the Celtic Christian tradition. He and his wife, Susie, make their home in Essex Junction, VT.
Books by T. M. Moore

Free to Be Pure

March 25, 2010

I recall reading an article some time ago that explained the difference between guilt and shame. Both are equally yucky feelings. Either makes us feel dirty, embarrassed, and even a little threatened. The devil loves it when we feel this way, almost as much as when, having become hardened to sin, we don’t feel anything at all.

Free to Be Clean

March 26, 2010

The Law of Liberty (26)

 It’s curious that David would insert an observation concerning the fear of the Lord into the midst of this meditation on the Law of God. Quite probably “fear” is another way of referring to the Law, since, keeping the Law issues from love for and fear of God (Deut. 10.12).

Free from the Lie

March 27, 2010

The latest philosophical fad that has won the hearts and minds of unbelieving speculators and ethicists is that there is no truth. No abiding truth, anyway. Instead, everyone needs to discover whatever “works” for him, to help him get what he wants out of life. Now, to be sure, you can’t just go bullying your way around.

“Too much of a good thing isn’t good for you.” We all heard that as kids from parents who didn’t want us to overindulge on food or TV or whatever. This principle, applied, say, to those little orange candy corns, is certainly sound.

The Law of God is the “Law of liberty.” It sets us free in Christ to know, love, and serve the Lord. It frees us from the tyranny of the devil and his minions. It liberates us to grow into ever-increasing fullness of the salvation that we have in Jesus Christ.

Free from Judgment

March 30, 2010

Christians do not fear death because they do not fear judgment. They know that, in Jesus Christ, as they rest in Him and hope in Him, God will remove all their transgressions as far as the east is from the west, and He will remember their sins no more.

Yeah, and that’s precisely the problem: we are so limited in our experience of the power of God’s Spirit that we never bother to think what God might do in or through us, and, consequently, don’t ask Him to do it.

There’s nothing wrong with striving for greatness – as long as we seek it according to Jesus’ standards.

Over the years I have met many sincere Christians who spend a good deal of their time wondering about whether or not their lives are pleasing to God.

The Law of Liberty (34)

 The hallmark of true Christian faith is love – love for God and love for our neighbors (Jn. 13.34, 35; 1 Cor. 13.13; 1 Jn. 4.7-12).

Everybody wants to think that his or her life matters. Only the fool tries to build a lifestyle on fleeting fancies, frivolous endeavors, and movements of whim

No other gods

The Commandment

God, by virtue of His exclusivity and uniqueness, and the grace He has exercised toward those He redeems, demands their exclusive devotion and service.

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