The Scriptorium
Patrick went to Ireland because God called him.
Patrick knew the Word and did the work.
Patrick's life was shaped by his faith.
Patrick considered himself “poor and insignificant.”
Patrick took no credit for his labors or successes.
God was his witness, even he didn’t have a friend in the world.
Had he not proved his calling?
The call to pastoral ministry has both an inward and an outward aspect.
God was preparing the way for Patrick.
Dreams and visions are a form of general revelation.
Patrick's life and words provided a consistent and convincing witness.
Patrick's unbending faith actually bent circumstances in his own favor.
Patrick's faith became a template for generations of Irish monks, missionaries, and ordinary believers.

Seeking the Lord

December 19, 2011
Patrick must have found prayer a sweet discipline.
Patrick shows how we are supposed to respond to the grace of God.

Today's ReVision

The God-Man

Jesus embodies goodness in the unity of Natures and Person.

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