The Scriptorium
Solomon's "I" problem becomes apparent.
Materialism and happiness just don't mix.
Ecclesiastes 1.17, 18

Had It...

May 23, 2015
Ecclesiastes 1.16
Ecclesiastes 1.13, 14
Ecclesiastes 1.12, 13
Ecclesiastes 1.8-11
Ecclesiastes 1.3-7
Ecclesiastes 1.1, 2
God provided for Patrick's every need.
God provided a ship for Patrick.
It took slavery and loneliness to bring Patrick to God.
Patrick's burden became his legacy.
Patrick lacked learning, but not courage.
Patrick begins his Confession, wishing he wasn't.

Today's ReVision

Make Up Your Mind To Work

We're not saved by works, but we're not saved without them.

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