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The Scriptorium
Patrick was a man of true godly character and faith.
Sechnall extols the example of Patrick

If, If, If

December 9, 2013
Man of courage, grace, and peace.

A Coming Day

November 25, 2013
Christians live toward the coming King and His Kingdom.

To Die is Gain

September 23, 2013
Patrick knew that to die for Christ is great gain. Do we?
True Christians should act like true Christians.
Grace and hope in words of judgment and warning.
Faith requires courage when savage wolves are at large in the land.
Does not love require more patience and tolerance?
Patrick understood his authority as a bishop.
Patrick wielded a two-edged sword.
Patrick is out to "clean house."
We have not seen the likes of Patrick.
How does a person learn to live this way?

God's Ambassador

February 11, 2013
Only God could recall Patrick from the field.