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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium

The Branch

August 12, 2023
By Him we bear fruit. Zechariah 3.6-10
Redeemed, restored, renewed. Zechariah 3.1-5
And the apple of His eye. Zechariah 2.6-13

Wall of Fire

August 9, 2023
Jesus is our wall of fire. Zechariah 2.1-5
It's how we change the world. Zechariah 1.12-21
Come what may, we can be at peace. Zechariah 1.7-11
We have to hold on to this. Haggai 2.19

Chosen King

August 5, 2023
He would come. God promised. Haggai 2.20-23

Heart Check

August 4, 2023
And much-needed. Haggai 2.10-19

Coming Glory

August 3, 2023
Keep looking up and ahead. Haggai 2.1-9
Well, for now. Haggai 1.12-15

Double Dose

August 1, 2023
Zechariah arrives in Jerusalem. Zechariah 1.1-6
Getting back to first things. Haggai. 1.1-11
Make sure they're God's. Ezra 1-3
Such is the life of faith. Ezra 3.8-10

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