The DEEP - Fellowship of Ailbe
Maybe it's from this passage.
Not in the way they were asking for one.
We ignore spiritual warfare with young Christians.
He turns the insult into a teachable moment.
It's actually about long term prayer.
and it's not serving snacks to the guests.
Jesus flips this question on its head.
You'd get to see Him, in the flesh – but probably be martyred.
I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
Carry no moneybag, no knapsack, no sandals, and greet no one on the road.
The meaning of Blessed is changing; the meaning of Savior is changing; the meaning of Saved is too.
His students are not ready, and time is running short.
The disciples want to argue about who is the greatest.
The disciples will connect the dots later, when they're emotionally ready.
You can’t grow great faith without sticking your neck out.