The DEEP - Fellowship of Ailbe
Our creativity is a clue to the purpose of creation.
Ouch. That one's going to leave a mark.

Behold Behemoth

September 27, 2017
Humans aren't all that impressive.
He doesn't make excuses.
Yeah, there are lots of mysteries. And your point would be?
Even as Job flunks God's quiz, God teaches him with incredible grace.
We can't even fully grasp the questions.

God Calls Out Job

September 20, 2017
But with surprising gentleness.
But our sin is even greater.
If He told us, we wouldn't understand them anyway.
Who does Elihu think he is anyway?
Elihu humbles Job by applying some perspective.

Elihu Goes Too Far

September 13, 2017
He starts talking through his hat.

Elihu Makes Sense

September 12, 2017
But he's still wrong.