Voices Together

Numbers 1:50-54 

but you shall appoint the Levites over the tabernacle of the Testimony, over all its furnishings, and over all things that belong to it; they shall carry the tabernacle and all its furnishings; they shall attend to it and camp around the tabernacle. And when the tabernacle is to go forward, the Levites shall take it down; and when the tabernacle is to be set up, the Levites shall set it up. The outsider who comes near shall be put to death. The children of Israel shall pitch their tents, every one by his own camp, every one by his own standard, according to their armies; but the Levites shall camp around the tabernacle of the Testimony, that there may be no wrath on the congregation of the children of Israel; and the Levites shall keep charge of the tabernacle of the Testimony." Thus the children of Israel did; according to all that the LORD commanded Moses, so they did.

Very interesting that the LORD here defined all things as a set of responsibilities and items existing within a specific function, or within a specific area. Additionally, their responsibility included ensuring the safety of others.

How does this understanding of all things apply to the Church today? We certainly are called to warn the secular world when practices carry a specific command to avoid them. For example, when the commandment is not to murder, we have the responsibility to point out that applies to abortion.

Another area that the Church's all things include is worship. We are granted the responsibility to determining how, when, why we will worship the Lord, God, the Almighty, to the total exclusion of secular authorities. We can consider their advice is selected areas, but not their authority.

Today's readings in the Psalms:

Morning: Psalm 32

Mid-day: 119:65-72

Evening: Psalm 85

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John Nunnikhoven

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