Voices Together

Hebrews 13:18-19

Pray for us, for we are sure that we have a clear conscience, desiring to act honorably in all things. I urge you the more earnestly to do this in order that I may be restored to you the sooner.

Here the writer of the book of Hebrews, urging his audience to pray for him and those with him!

The unknown author had to be one of the great writers of the New Testament, my guess is Paul, yours ?, but he knows that he needs the prayer support of those he is called to minister to. He knows that he needs this prayer support to have a clear conscience, to act honorably in all things and to be restored to his flock.

Are we praying likewise for those whom the Spirit has called to shepherd us?


Morning Psalm 65, Noon Psalm 119:137-144, Evening Psalm 149

John Nunnikhoven

John Nunnikhoven is a member of The Fellowship of Ailbe and has begun working toward what, Lord willing, will become a re-awakening of the Church as a body directed into living the Kingdom in the here and now as it awaits the yet to come.
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