Walking Points

Devoted to Prayer

Here's the result of a new discipline I'm trying to get into before Advent is upon us. I'm planning on having something similar to this each day throughout the Advent season. Check it out. I pray the Lord will bless you with it.

O Great Redeemer, we give you thanks for this day and for the blessing and privilege it is to reach out to you in prayer. Indeed, O Lord, help us by your Spirit to devote ourselves to communing with you often in prayer. Let it mark our lives. And as we do, fill us with watchful and thankful attitudes that enable us to be persistent and prepared for times of trial and suffering.

Lord, please open the door for us, and all, to proclaim the beautiful Gospel of your Kingdom – the very mystery of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And please give us the gifts and graces we need to proclaim it clearly. Give us wisdom and empower us to act on it in our relationships with those who do not know you. Help us make the most of every opportunity you give us to connect with a world in great need of an even greater Savior and Lord.

We pray for these things with confidence in you and your wonderful love for those you place in our lives. Give us the same heart you have for this world.

  • We pray for those family and friends in our lives who do not know you and have not experienced the miracle of new birth.
  • We pray for those who are lonely and who long for friendship and a community in which to belong.
  • We pray for those who are experiencing difficulties in their closest relationships.

In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.

Walking Points

  • Who is someone God has given you an opportunity to reach out to with the love and good news of Jesus Christ? Pray for them today and try to connect with them tomorrow.
  • How can you grow in wisdom and love so you can make the most of every opportunity? Make an effort to pray about this and ask a trusted Christian friend to encourage you in this pursuit.

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Dale Tedder

Dale Tedder is a United Methodist pastor in Jacksonville, Florida. If you would like to read more on godly manhood, check out Dale's book, Foundations: Key Principles for Godly Manhood.
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