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Know and Use Your Spiritual Gifts

Know and Use Your Spiritual Gifts
This Week’s Scripture: John 13:1-17

Key Idea from Sermon

“We get to exchange expressions of reconciliation and communicate love when we lower ourselves and serve others.”

Discussing the Scripture

  1. What was about to happen to Jesus that would reveal his love for his disciples to the end (v. 1)? According to this verse, to whom was Jesus going to return?


  1. How does knowing your ultimate purpose and destiny strengthen you to accomplish your goal? How does knowing this help you in your spiritual journey? (Do you know your ultimate purpose and destiny?)


  1. Verse 3 reminds us that our heavenly Father “put all things under Jesus’ power.” This means among other things, that Jesus could have stopped Judas from betraying him, yet, not only did he allow Judas to betray him (which would cost Jesus his life), but Jesus also taught his beloved disciples the importance of becoming a servant by his example of washing their feet. What do you learn about Jesus in this verse? What is he teaching you about yourself in this verse?


  1. Read verses 6-10 again. Describe Peter’s objection and the response of Jesus. What are some lessons you gain from this interaction? What lesson hits closest to home for you? Why?


  1. In verse 12 Jesus asked the disciples if they understood what he had done for them. Do you? Explain what he did and why it is so important.


  1. How does the act of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet foreshadow what was about to happen to him on the Cross?


Applying the Scripture


  1. What feelings do you experience when you serve another person?


  1. What feelings do you experience when you serve someone who is not able to repay you or who does not show gratitude?


  1. What do you find most difficult in serving another person or group of people? What do you enjoy most?


  1. How does knowing your spiritual gift(s) come into play in serving others? Do you know yours? What spiritual gift(s) do you have? How can a person discover what their spiritual gift(s) is?


  1. Who are some people in your spheres of influence (or not yet in those spheres) you can start serving this week? What are two or three ways you can be more intentional in serving them?


ACTS (A prayer guide for this lesson)


  • A – Adoration (What did you learn about Jesus in this lesson? Offer some words of praise and adoration for what you learned about our Lord.)


  • C – Confession (Was there a sin or struggle this lesson helped you see in yourself more clearly. Confess this to God and ask him to help you turn from it and toward greater spiritual growth. Read 1 John 1:9)


  • T – Thanksgiving (What spiritual truth did you learn in this lesson? Spend time thanking God for revealing it to you.)


  • S – Supplication (Pray for any needs of the members of your group, including their spiritual needs.)


John Wesley’s Questions for Self-Examination


  • Morning
    • What tasks and encounters will I face today, and how may I prepare myself to bring honor and pleasure to God in them?


  • Evening
    • Have I sought God’s purposes in all my interactions with other people today?
    • How have I sought to use this day to grow in love for God?

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