Frank and Cindy have worked for over 30 years now in Muslim ministry. Frank went to RTS Seminary and is ordained in the PCA. They spent six years in the US working with the PCA organization Church Without Walls to help equip churches to reach out to Muslims. They then lived for ten years in West Africa where they saw a new denomination formed growing from an initial church plant to a growing denomination of 40 churches. Muslim ministry changed dramatically during their service. When they first started it was rare to see Muslims even come to faith in Christ. Now God's Spirit is moving in historically unprecedented ways and churches are being planting and starting to multiply. After living in West Africa they worked for ten years internationally with Muslim background churches. They now work on the development of partnerships that bring together developing churches in the Muslim world, the global church, and other organizations to help fan the flame of what God has started to do. Frank's job is now as Regional Director for Muslim Ministry in Africa. He works on equipping and mobilizing missionaries and national partners and developing new fields and ministries. Frank also teaches and develops courses for training pastors. Frank and Cindy have four children (Elizabeth , Edgar, Ethan, and Esther).

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