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Stan's Story

  • Stan Gale
  • October 7, 2019

I am part of a writers group. Four of us meet monthly to share constructive comments on ten-page pieces we had submitted to one another. This group is one of my life-spheres where I look to be a witness for Christ. It’s ideal. I get to enjoy their writing and they are exposed to the Christian themes that I write about. It’s not unusual when considering my pieces for the discussion to go beyond commas and continuity to the substance of the biblical teaching in view.

While working on my book on the Apostles’ Creed one of the writers said she didn’t understand something. We discussed it. The next month she said the same thing about the next piece. I said that was of concern because I was trying to write so that the concepts were understandable to people who were exploring the Christian faith. It was then she admitted, “I understand it. I just don’t like it.”

Fast forward a few months. She approached me to say that a church had opened in the area near her home and she had visited. Shortly thereafter, with tears in her eyes and a lump in her throat, she told the writers group that she had come to faith in Jesus Christ.

I can’t go into detail here about the fruit I have seen in her life over these past months but it has been remarkable and has given indication of the sincerity of the faith she professed. God brought her from protesting to professing faith in the faith she had been learning through the influence of life-sphere witness.