T.M. Moore, Presenter This course provides an overview of Christian worldview as presented in The Laddership Curriculum of The Ailbe Seminary. T. M. Moore uses twelve compelling diagrams to situate our calling to God’s Kingdom and glory within the framework of the world, the Church, and our Personal Mission Fields. This course is available in…
T.M. Moore, Presenter This course sets the life of discipleship within the framework of God’s Kingdom, and charts a path for a lifelong journey of increasing in the presence, promise, and power of God’s Kingdom. The course introduces the Christian worldview, the disciplined life, and our calling to serve Christ within our own Personal Mission…
T.M. Moore, Presenter The Bible is one book, by one author, telling one overarching story, within one unifying framework. In this course, learn to understand the Bible from the perspective of God’s covenant and glory. Follow His unfolding work of redemption, and see how Jesus is proclaimed everywhere in all Scripture.

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