Resources for Shepherds Submissions

We welcome submissions from our readers to all segments of the Resources for Shepherds page. Please adhere to the following guidelines for each item. All submissions should be sent using the form below. We reserve the right to decide which submissions are appropriate, and to edit any sent to us as we see fit. Notice of new items and thanks to contributors appear in the weekly edition of the Pastor to Pastor teaching letter. Thank you.


Submit reviews of important articles you have read that have a bearing on the work of shepherds. See the Resources for Shepherds page for samples. No more than 200 words, and please include a link to the article, where you can, together with your name and ministry.

Book Reviews

Submit reviews of books that relate to the work of shepherding – new books, old books, classics of the faith. See the Resources for Shepherds page for samples. No more than 500 words, together with a link to a favorite online bookstore where the book can be purchased, and your name and ministry.


These are designed as springboards to further study, preaching, or teaching. Brief expositions of a verse or two, focusing on matters of Christian growth, the work of ministry, working one’s Personal Mission Field, understanding the times, and other topics relevant to the work of shepherds. 300 words, and please include your name and ministry. See the Resources for Shepherds page for examples.

Questions & Conversations

Got a question you’d like to explore, or a conversation you’d like to engage? Submit your question or conversation starter, and we’ll run it up the flagpole. We’ll give it a couple of days for responses, and keep it up as long as the conversations are gracious, edifying, and God-honoring. We reserve the right to post only those responses that we believe will edify readers and honor the Lord.

Journals and Websites

Send us a link, with a brief explanation (25-50 words), of the journals and websites you find most helpful for your work as a shepherd. Include your name and ministry.


Give a brief review (25 words or so) of apps you’ve found helpful in your life and ministry. No games, please.

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