The Church and Social Issues

Three free resources for your church.

The world today needs to hear the clear, uncompromised, loving Word of God concerning the great issues facing our society today. Local churches must be a prophetic voice in their communities, to bring the truth of God to light amid the conflicting and confusing voices of unbelief.

The church I serve – Grace Chapel in West Columbia, SC – has been developing what we call “Social Issue Statements” over the last few years.  The one we have just finished is a statement on racial and cultural diversity.  We have developed these as a way to assist our congregation in thinking Biblically about some of the pressing cultural issues we face.  Here are the links to these statements on our website.

Marriage and Sexuality

Sanctity of Life

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Please feel free to download, revise, and rebrand these as you see fit, to help your people understand the times and know what we as believers should do (1 Chron. 12.32).

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