Can We Get Back to Faith?

Christianity alone can stop the unraveling of our society.

Andrew Klavan asks, “Can We Believe?” in a reflection on the failure of the Enlightenment ideal and the necessity of Christianity as the only reliable foundation for social order (City Journal, Spring 2019). 

The moral strength of the West is in steep decline, undermined both by science and the relativistic thinking of the day. He mentions several books in his article. Some argue that we need to act like God exists if we are to survive, while others insist that we’re doing just fine without God.

He provides a brief history of the Enlightenment ideal and shows how it is a form of religion, a circular faith system that cannot adequately account for itself on the basis of reason alone. Klavan argues that we need to turn to Christianity to keep us from fraying as a society and culture, and to recover a solid foundation on which to make meaningful moral judgments. The Enlightenment narrative “creates this worship of reason, no reason itself. In fact, most of the scientific arguments against the existence of God are circular and self-proving. They pit advanced thinkers against simple, literalist believers.” Christianity provided the historical basis for science and reason; now science has taken over the role of religion in determining the nature of truth and morality.

He believes the West can flower again by resuming its place “under the heavens,” as Solomon might put it. I think he’s right.

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