Organizing with the Spirit

We need to make sure we’re doing our work God’s way.

Kent D. Miller provides an excellent statement of how organizations can participate in the mission of God by seeing their work as being done not merely in the Spirit but with the Spirit.

He offers many practical and theological insights into how an organi-zation can align its work with the mission of God and the gifts and power of the Spirit, so that the organization both fulfills an important role in the divine economy and establishes grounds and protocols for continuity beyond the founding generation.

This is the best, most theological, and most practical piece I’ve read about helping organizations line up with the divine economy so that the infinite power of the Spirit can be unleashed for creativity, fruitfulness, justice, holiness, and love (“Organizing with the Spirit,” Christian Scholar's Review, Spring 2017, pp. 213 ft.).

Watch a Conversation with Kent Miller on this subject by clicking here.

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