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Depressed is the New Happy?

Certain psychologists suggest we should give up the pursuit of happiness.

Julie Reshe suggests we all just accept the fact that depression is the new happy (“Depressive realism,” Aeon, January 9, 2020).

She explains that psychology and psychiatry aren’t having much success in helping people find happiness. Depression, disappointment, and disillusionment with life are on the increase. But Reshe thinks this is not such a bad thing, especially since this represents her own orientation toward life.

Happiness is way overblown – a vain relic left over from a failed religion past. Christianity taught us to believe we could be happy; but now, in our secular age, we realize that was just a hoax.

We’re all disappointed and depressed at one time or another. So this must be normal. It can even be a good condition, because when we feel this way, we get our minds in gear to overcome these emotions and get on to – the pursuit of happiness?

Christians can never accept this kind of thinking, because what we seek – and know in Jesus – is joy, not happiness. And joy stays with us even during times of disappointment, depression, and sorrow.

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