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Jesus: Center and End of Scripture

All Scripture points to Jesus.

Stephen Wellum provides a concise and helpful overview of the primary themes of Scripture, as these develop through God’s covenant and His unfolding plan of redemption (“From Alpha to Omega: A Biblical-Theological Approach to God the Son Incarnate,” JETS, March, 2020).

His purpose is to show that Jesus Christ is both the telos and center of all Scripture, and he accomplishes this purpose admirably. By tracing themes, illustrating with types, looking at ways the New Testament understands the Old Testament, and explaining the forward-moving and ever-expanding nature of divine revelation, Wellum demonstrates the overall integrity of Scripture and the centrality of Christ to all of God’s plan for creation.

He also teaches us how to read Scripture: in its immediate context, within its book and epoch, and then within the framework of the whole of the Bible. He further demonstrates that the early Church fathers rightly understood the centrality of Jesus, as well as His nature and purpose, as seen in the Nicene Creed and the Formula of Chalcedon.

This is an article, like the Beale article in the same issue of JETS, that deserves to be read over and again, to help in daily reading of Scripture as well as in appreciating the larger thrust and overall integrity and power of the entire Bible.

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