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Kuyper on Technology

What's a 19th century theologian have to teach us?

Derek C. Schuurman, “On Kuyper and Technology, or How a Voice From the Past Can Speak to Our Digital Age,” Christian Scholar’s Review, Winter 2020. 

This essay provides an excellent example of why Christians should not neglect our heritage, but learn to mine it for wisdom to guide us in our contemporary challenges.

Schuurman, who teaches computer science, looks to Abraham Kuyper for guidance in thinking about how to present his discipline to his students, so that they will use their learning in ways that glorify God and bless the world.

He finds in Kuyper’s writings five insights or categories of thinking to help shape his views on issues relevant to his calling. He elaborated Kuyper’s thinking on the role is science and technology in doing good works; the problems that arise from automation in the workplace; the role of worldview in thinking about the best uses of technology; the common grace of God and how it affects developments from beyond the pale of faith; and the need for regenerated believers to develop science and technology from within a specifically Christian frame of reference.

The article also demonstrates the value of worldview thinking, since the more broadly we think, the better able we will be to bring the truth of God to bear on issues and subjects important to our age.

Because we minister the Word to people from all walks of life, pastors need to work continuously at developing their Christian worldview. Articles like Derek Schuurman’s provide insights on the practical benefits of such thinking, and can guide us in developing our own approach to learning Jesus through the categories of Christian worldview.

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