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How - and What - Do We Know?

N. T. Wright challenges the secular epistemology.

N. T. Wright argues for a new epistemology in his First Things article, “Living to Know.” 

The bankruptcy of the Enlightenment worldview is everywhere in evidence. Postmodernism offers nothing substantial to replace it. The time is right for the Christian community – not just scholars and thinkers, but all of us – to reestablish a new circle of knowing, one that begins and ends in the love of God, especially as this is seen in Jesus and His resurrection.

Wright insists that we must receive creation as a gift of God and respond to it by studying it carefully to return love to God. He insists that we are called to be knowers so that we can bless the world as God intends. We must study the creation with a Jesus as the beginning and end of all our pursuits. People are knowers, and believers in particular should be committed to knowing as much as possible, that they might grow in love for God and others.

This is a very important argument, one I hope will be taken up by many believers in the days to come.

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