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Homeschooling Threat

They want their children back.

In “Harvard vs. the Family” (City Journal, April 34, 2020) Max Eden reports on an upcoming conference intending to address the “problem” of homeschooling. One of the organizers, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet, has published an article strongly skewed against homeschooling, and Mr. Eden exposes its shoddiness and bias.

The fact is, those who are sponsoring this conference believe that children belong to the State, which loans them to parents for the purpose of raising them to fit into the national agenda. In the mind of such people, homeschooling is a threat, not only to children, but to the interests of the State, and should be suppressed.

Mr. Eden’s article provides reasons to be alarmed, both because of the reality of the threat, the agenda which lies behind it, and mendacious manner in which this campaign is being pursued.

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