Where Can We Find Wisdom?

Craig Bartholomew has some suggestions.

Craig Bartholomew offers helpful advice for living through these uncertain times. He counsels us neither to merely hunker down nor to pine away for the way things used to be. Instead, turning to Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes, Mr. Bartholomew counsels us to seek the wisdom of God ("Wisdom for Uncertain Times," Comment, Fall 2020).

This begins by admitting that life is difficult and complex. We should not expect life to be easy. Thus we should embrace the struggle and see in every facet of our lives opportunities for trusting the Lord and growing in wisdom.

But we should also bring our struggles to the Lord in prayer, and be honest with Him about how they affect us. At the same time, we must draw near to God and practice His Presence more deeply and with greater consistency. God knows where wisdom can be found, and if we fear Him and love Him and stay close to Him, He will bring us into His wisdom and peace.

In His Presence we will see the many cracks that exist in our society, and we will understand that these cracks will always be there. Society – whether in the form of culture or government or the economy – is not our hope. Our hope is in God. Hoping in Him helps us to live with the cracks in our world and, where possible, to lend a hand in filling them. But we’ll need to maintain community with family, friends, and church in order to have the wisdom of God to make a positive contribution to our world.

Christians need not fear uncertainty and tht which we suspect lurks where uncertainty ends: death. We can rejoice in the Lord as long as we stay close to Him and walk in His path. We can be a people of hope in a world desperate for hope, and to this end, we do well to follow Mr. Bartholomew’s counsel and seek the wisdom of God, to dwell with Him and in wisdom, for our own peace and for that of the world.